Whenever production changes, the workstation changes with it, conveniently and quickly!

Workstations by Putkiaivot are designed for professional use, with consideration of ergonomics and work efficiency.

Durable and high-quality solutions tailored to your needs. You will receive a 3D draft of the workstation even before making the purchase decision.

Structures are easily modifiable using nothing but an ordinary Allen wrench.

For more sample pictures, click here.

Workstations are available with full equipment and installation; even one-week delivery terms are feasible.

Additional equipment includes luminaires, drawers, tool boards, height adjustment systems, roller tracks, and electric outlets.

Contact us to learn more!

Order the following conveniently and quickly:

Assembly tables
Packing tables
Lean workstations
ESD workstations
Computer tables
Inspection points
Warehouse tables
Movable workstations


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